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Nutritional Snacks For Preschoolers


1. Apple slices topped with nut butter and a bit of granola.A combination of protein in the nut butter and the fiber from the apple will provide a nutritionally dense snack. The skin of the apple is what supplies us most of the fiber so try not to cut it off.

2. Plain yogurt with blueberries and 2 Tbsp. of a low sugar cereal or plain yogurt with low sugar cereal.This snack will supply your growing child with some of the calcium that they need to grow strong bones. It also will give them important antioxidants from the blueberries.

3. Cucumber or pepper slices and a ¼ cup of hummus or avocado dip. Avocados can help supply the body with essential fatty acids which are good for the brain. It is important to note that avocados and hummus are higher calorie foods so their intake should be limited.

4. Mixed fruit kebabs on Popsicle sticks. Remember, the more colors of the rainbow your child eats the healthier he or she will be, therefore giving him or her a variety of fruits and vegetables is best.

5. Kale chips. Toss chip-size pieces of kale (touch stems removed) with 1 Tbsp. of olive oil and a pinch of salt then bake for 20 minutes at 300°F. This is a great alternative to the traditional chip. When making them have your child help—she or he can pour in the ingredients and mix them together. Remember that involving him or her in the process will make it more likely that he or she will want to eat their “chips”.

6. Small cubes from natural cheese. It is exciting for the kids to use a cookie cutter to turn their cheese into fun shapes and designs.

7. Stuff celery with almond butter or cream cheese and top with raisins.Here you get a low calorie vegetable with a higher calorie filling. The raisins are there for the kid’s enjoyment!

8. Zucchini Parmesan chips.Slice the zucchini and toss with Parmesan, whole grain bread crumbs and a pinch of salt. Cook at 450°F for 25 minutes

9. ½ cup unsweetened apple sauce. Added sugar should be kept to about 6 grams a day for children of preschool age. This does not mean that they can never have sweets, it simply means they need to be limited.

10. Homemade fresh squeezed fruit pops. These fruit pops made with 100% fruit juice should be limited to 1 serving a day as fruit juice is a more concentrated form of sugar.

Nutritional Lunch and Dinner Ideas For Preschoolers


1. Whole wheat pasta with red sauce and mixed vegetables. Or turn your hot pasta dish into a pasta salad by using olive oil instead of mayonnaise to incorporate some healthy fats. The average preschooler needs about 1,600 calories a day. This meal is a low calorie option.

2. Homemade soup. Soup is healthy, you do not lose many of the nutrients because they stay in the broth.

3. Bean chili or black bean soup. Don’t forget to add small pieces of cut up vegetables. Beans are high in protein and a healthy lower fat alternative to many meats.

4. Mini pizza.Spread pasta sauce on a whole grain English muffin, top with grated vegetables and part skim mozzarella cheese. Cook in a toaster oven until cheese bubbles. What kid does not look forward to pizza? This way cuts down on the number of calories.

5. Whole wheat sandwich with almond butter and banana. Turn your sandwiches into art: use a cookie cutter to cut the sandwich into irresistible shapes. Add some apple-wedge “flower petals” around a kiwi slice for the side dish.

6. Whole grain plain oatmealwith wheat germ or flax seeds or both — add in your own fruits and if needed 1 tsp. of honey. This will also make a healthy breakfast choice, perhaps accompanied with a fruit smoothie made with low-fat yogurt or milk. This is a great way for kids to drink up needed nutrients.

7. Baked quesadilla.Whole grain pita bread stuffed with veggies or salsa and low fat cheese - toast in a toaster oven. Being creative when it comes to expanding your child’s foods is important! It is always a good idea to serve something old with something new. This lunch will provide your preschooler with the much-loved crunch.

8. Lettuce roll up. Stuff with chicken or turkey as well as avocado and perhaps some cheese. This is a lunch that both you and your kids will enjoy and it's low in calories (that is, without that avocado). Kids often like to eat what they see adults eating.

9. Quinoa balls. Cook quinoa according to package, then add a bit of low fat spread and low fat cheese and grated vegetables and form into balls. Make your preschooler a part of the action! Kids this age feel important when adults involve them in meal preparation.


  • All lunches and dinners go great with a side of carrot or celery sticks and perhaps a serving of fruit. Try dipping it! Choose nut butter, hummus low-fat ranch dressing, guacamole, salsa, applesauce, or yogurt
  • Encourage your child to drink water with meals. Fruit juice should be limited.