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  •  Items Your Infant Will Need

    We look forward to helping your child adjust to this new environment.  In an effort to make this transition as smooth as possible we have compiled a list of items to bring (and leave) at the center, on or before your child starts.


    Please label everything that is on this list and anything else that your child may need.

    • Disposable diapers
    • Wipes
    • Diaper ointment
    • Extra formula for at least one feeding (a can of ready to feed or enough powder in a sealed container for one or two bottles,
      OR frozen breast milk with the date noted on the bag)
    • Extra baby food.  You may bring in a box of cereal, as well as a supply of jar foods.
    • At least one complete change of clothes (seasonal)
    • Pacifier (if your child uses one)
    • Naptime blanket
    • Daily schedule of feedings, naps, etc.


    Things to bring in daily

    • A fresh supply of prepared bottles (no bottles are to be left overnight)
    • A supply of food (lunch) that is already peeled, cut, etc.

    We do have a microwave in the program to heat up food.


    Please do not bring

    • Dishes
    • Silverware
    • Toys
  •  Infant Program - General Procedures

    Sign-In Sheet

    Our sign in sheet and each child’s daily log is located on the kitchen counter.  All children must be signed in at drop off and signed out at pick-up.  This is a requirement of the state as well as one of the many precautions that we take to keep your children safe.


    Daily Log

    Every day a log is kept for each child.  When you sign your child in you will also fill out the “news from home” section of the daily log.  In this section you will tell valuable information such as what time your child woke up, when the child’s last meal was and who will be picking the child up.


    Parent pockets

    Parent pockets are located over the high chairs and the kitchen table.  Please check these pockets daily as they are where you can find important notices, the class schedules and updates, as well as any projects or art work that your child has completed.

  •  Infant-to-Toddler Transition Expectations

    Transition is a time for a slow and easy introduction of your child into the Toddler Program.  When your child is transitioning from the Infant Program, you will continue to arrive and sign into the Infant Program.  The teachers will let you know when you will be expected to sign your child into the Toddler Program.  Transitions generally take two weeks although we realize each child is different and allow plenty of extra time if needed.


    When an infant is between the ages of 18-20 months old and can handle one nap per day and sitting at a table for meals, he or she should be ready to make the transition.  Toddlers eat lunch at 11:15 and nap from 12:30-2:30.


    A toddler teacher will invite your child to visit the new classroom at different times leading up to the two week transitions. During the first week of transition your child will join toddlers before snack and stay through lunch.  During the second week of transition we encourage dropping off in the Toddler Program and your child will nap in the toddler program on our cots.


    You will be receiving a list of items your child will need before they enter the Toddler Program, as well as a daily schedule for the toddler program.  The schedule is subject to change to accommodate the children.  During the transition you will find the toddler “our day” sheets in your child’s parent pocket each day.


    Because the Toddler Program has up to 12 children arriving over the course of the 3 hours we are not able to serve individual children breakfasts.  We have morning snack with a beverage at 9:15, and if at any time children express a need for a drink, milk or water are available to them.


    Because the Toddler Program has up to 12 children a day we are not able to accommodate parents visiting throughout the day.  We have a fun filled day that keeps us very busy.


    If you have any questions please feel free to ask any teacher, they will be happy to help you or direct you to someone who can.  We look forward to helping your child make this next exciting move as smooth and comfortable as possible.

  •  Items Your Toddler Will Need

    Below is a list of items to bring to the Center on or before your child’s first day.  All of these items should be permanently labels with your child’s name.



    Toddlers typically use about 4 diapers per day.  If your child wears pull-ups please provide the type with Velcro on the side as it makes it easier to change them.





    An extra set of clothing for the appropriate season – shirt, pants, socks, shoes and underwear (if potty training)


    Crib sheet, blanket, pillow, naptime friend (if desired)

    These will go home at the end of your child’s week to be washed


    Daily Lunch

    Your child’s should be labeled with his or her name and the date and brought in a clearly labeled lunch box.  Please remember to do all the preparation.  We ask that foods which are easy to choke on (grapes, cherry tomatoes, string cheese, etc.) be cut up.  We can heat up items in the microwave.  Because we eat lunch right before nap, we ask that you also try to limit the amount of sweets that you pack.  Your child’s lunch should be put into the refrigerator at drop-off. Please remember to take lunches home at pick-up time.



    We ask that you bring in slippers for your child to wear in the program during the day.  The slippers can be put on when your child comes to school and we will switch back into shoes whenever we go outside of the classroom.  We will be keeping the slippers in the bye-bye room so that you do not have to transport them back and forth.


    Summer Gear

    Bathing suit, towel, water shoes and swimmer diapers


    Winter Gear

    Snow boots, snow pants, mittens and a hat

  •  Toddler Program - General Procedures

    Sign-In Sheet:

    Our sign-in sheet is located on the dryer in the “bye-bye” room.  All children must be signed in at drop off and signed out at pick-up.


    Parent Pockets:

    Parent Pockets are located on the “bye-bye” room door.  Please check these pockets daily as they are where you can find important notices, class schedules and updates, and other pertinent information.


    Children’s Artwork:

    Children’s artwork can be found in the file box located on top of the dryer.  We appreciate that parents check these folders weekly to reduce the amount of build up.


    Tuition Box:

    The tuition box is located by the sign-in sheet on the dryer.  All payments can be deposited in this box as needed.


    Diapers, Wipes and Spare Clothing:

    Diapers, wipes and spare clothing are stored in the white cabinets in the bathroom.  The teachers will indicate items that need replenishing on the “our day” sheets.

  •  Toddler Program Daily Schedule

        7:00-9:15   Arrivals/Free Choice


         9:15-9:35   Snack


     9:35-10:00   Diapers/Potty Time


                10:05   Circle Time (Book, Days of the Week, Weather, Color, Letters, Songs)


    10:20-11:00   Center Time (Art projects; Activities; Outside time)


        11:05-11:15   Storytelling and Discussion


         11:15-11:45   Lunch


        11:45-12:10   Diapers/Potty Time


          12:15-2:15   Nap


          2:15-2:30    Wake up/Potty


         2:35-2:50    Snack


          2:50-3:15    Diapers

  •  Afternoon Schedule

    Outside Afternoons*


       3:15-4:15    Outdoor Play


    4:20-4:30    Group 1 Activity


    4:30-4:45    Group 2 Activity


    4:50-5:30   Center Time/Free Choice/Prepare to leave



    Indoor Afternoons*


      3:15-3:30   Books on Tape


    3:35-4:00   Gross Motor Time


    4:05-4:20   Group 1 Activity


    4:25-4:40   Group 2 Activity


    4:45-5:30   Center Time/Free Choice/Prepare to Leave


    *Schedule is subject to change based on daily activities and children’s needs.

  •  OLCLC Snack Policy (effective September 2014)

    August 8, 2014


    Dear OLCLC Families,


    With our new school year starting up in September, we have decided to make a slight alteration in how we will provide snack to the children.  As you all know, each month, we have asked that you bring in a food item or non-perishable to share amongst all of the children in the program.  And although this plan has worked well, we have decided to streamline this process, and now ask that you provide your child(ren) with their own individual snack for the morning and afternoon starting on Tuesday, September 2, 2014.


    With that said, the State of CT DPH licensing regulations require child care centers to provide two food groups during snack.  To meet this requirement, OLCLC will provide milk (whole or 1% milk) with snack and we ask that you provide a healthy snack option for the morning and afternoon (please note: if your child has a dairy allergy, please provide a beverage, labeled with your child’s name, that we can keep on site for the week).  We will also have snacks on hand if the AM or PM snack was accidently not packed.


    We also must keep in mind that we do have children with food allergies, so when packing snack, please continue to be mindful of the ingredients.  Snacks (like lunch items) that are sent with a peanut butter alternative like sun-butter or almond butter must be labeled or we will not be able to serve the item.  Also, please be aware that we cannot serve food items that contain trace amounts of peanuts or that are processed in a plant where other peanut products are produced.


    Below is a suggested list of snack items that we have found work well for all of the children:

    *Fruits/vegetables (cut to appropriate size and softened if necessary)

    *Cheerios, Chex, crackers (Ritz, Saltines, Wheat Thins, Goldfish, etc.), yogurts (pouches or tube), applesauce, Nutrigrain bars, rice cakes, raisins and hummus.

    * Please note: snack items should be individually wrapped each day your child attends school, labeled “am” and “pm”.  And items should be ready to eat, only lunch items will be heated.


    Thank you all for your cooperation and understanding during this transition!




  •  OLCLC Health Care Policy

    If your child has any of the following conditions or symptoms, we will contact you to pick up your child from the Center (within 45 minutes) in order to prevent contagion as well as to ensure the proper care for your child:


    • Contagious childhood disease (chicken pox, measles, mumps, impetigo)
    • Conjunctivitis, pink eye (bacterial and/or viral)
    • Mouth sores that are open
    • Scabies, head lice, pinworms or other infestations
    • Strep throat
    • Colds accompanied by colored nasal discharge, or uncontrollable, productive cough
    • Fever at or greater than 100.0 degrees
    • Vomiting and/or diarrhea
    • Any illness disabling child from participating fully in the program


    In order to return to the program, your child must:


    • Take any prescribed antibiotic for a full 24 hour course
    • Be free from fever, vomiting, diarrhea for a full 24 hours
    • Be free from open, oozing skin conditions unless

                       1.) a health care provider signs a note stating that the condition is not contagious

                        2.) the involved area(s) can be covered by a bandage in a way that prevents contagion.

    • Be free of infestations.  If there is any doubt, OLCLC will require a physician’s note.
    • Be able to participate comfortably in all usual program activities
  •  Infant Program “Safe Sleep” Policy

    Our program has adopted the safe sleep practices recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.  The flyer using this link has been added to our infant enrollment packet: http://www.ctoec.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Safe-Sleep-Info-Sheet-English.pdf


    Our policy includes the following:  All infants under twelve (12) months of age shall be placed in a supine (back) position for sleeping in a well-constructed, free standing crib or bed designed for infant sleeping that meets current safety standards, with a snug fitting mattress unless the child has written documentation from a physician, physician assistant, or advanced practice registered nurse specifying a medical reason for an alternative sleep position.


    • When infants can easily turn over from the supine to the prone position, they shall be put down to sleep on their back, but allowed to adopt whatever position they prefer for sleep.
    • No blankets, pillows, quilts, comforters, sheepskins, soft bumpers, or stuffed toys shall be placed under or with an infant for sleeping and shall be kept out of the infant's crib or bed.
    • No infant shall be put to sleep on a sofa, soft mattress, waterbed, or other soft surface. No infant shall be put to sleep in a child restraint system intended for use in a vehicle, an infant carrier, a swing, or any place that is not specifically designed to be an infant bed unless the child has written documentation from a physician, physician assistant, or advanced practice registered nurse specifying a medical reason for their use.
    • Nothing shall be placed or hung over the side of a crib or other piece of equipment designed for sleeping that obstructs the staff’s visibility of the infant.


    UPDATED 1.15.18